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AMC Solution
ITNIA covers a wide range of solution under Annual Maintenance Cost. With some annual cost you can let go the stress for the unforeseen and sudden maintenance cost of the system that you could have bearded.
The responsibility for the maintenance, repairing and fixation is outsourced to ITNIA. The maintenance work is subjected to the plan you have subscribed.
Managed services have always been the priority for the enterprises, as the work done is of best quality. You always get long term solutions & repairing rather than just short term (cheap ones) that could put you in a vicious cycle of breakdown and repair costing.

Hardware Break Fix
Break and fix services gives a lot of flexibility and cost effectiveness.
Under this service ITNIA will only charge for the repair and the fixation work done at the moment.
Enterprises don’t have to pay any extra charges and costly subscription plan, if you are not necessarily thinking for any long term solution.